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Brick Ally started in Corvallis, Oregon as a kiosk cart in 2017. Ally worked full-time and sold LEGO on the weekends as a way to pay for more LEGO for her and her son. Ally wanted to be more involved in the community. So, she started holding raffles for her kiosk customers. She fell in love with making the community happy but needed a bigger space

Ally was able to expand the store, in the same building as the kiosk cart, within the first month of opening! Her new space was 10 by 10 and Ally used every inch to its fullest potential. By 2018, Brick Ally was able to move to a larger space within the same building. This new space was about 250 square feet and had a nice little second room that Ally was able to use for more product and a bulk table!

This was where Ally met her husband, John. He came in to sell some of his collection and left with a budding friendship. That friendship turned into LEGO dates and Ally introducing John to the AFOL (Adult Fans Of LEGO) community. In 2019, John proposed with a LEGO diamond ring. Shortly after that, Ally had to close the shop as John is active duty Navy and they were transferred to South Carolina. Brick Ally became an online-only store through BrickLink.

When Ally and her family learned John was getting transferred to Washington, they knew they wanted to open a family store again. The process began in 2022 with a tiny hole-in-the-wall shop on Bay Street in Port Orchard. Kitsap was more than welcoming for Brick Ally to come and join the community. Ally was featured in the Kitsap Sun and Brick Ally’s Grand Opening saw people lined up for blocks just waiting to get inside the store.

Thanks to Brick Ally’s fantastic community of LEGO lovers, Ally knew she would need to expand the space very quickly. Within the first month and a half of opening, Brick Ally was able to move to a space that was twice the size and only two doors down! Ally took that space and maximized it with LEGO sets and minifigures. At this location, awesome guests came to visit and so many wonderful memories were made. Brick Ally even celebrated its one-year anniversary in that space.

However, Ally knew we were going to need more space to grow. As fate would have it, a space three times the size would open up just down the block! Brick Ally is now located at 802 Bay Street with no plans of moving anytime soon. It is a fabulous, large, beautiful open layout with lots of room to play and grow.

The Brick Ally team is so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community. We are very honored by the 2023 Best in the Northwest nomination. We look forward to continuing to serve our community! Keep it weird and stay posted with the Brick Ally family and friends!


Meet The Team


The Ally of Brick Ally! As the Lego Lady and owner of our fine establishment, Ally’s knowledge of Lego covers several topics and themes. Ally is the heart and soul of Brick Ally and loves to share her love and knowledge of Lego with curious customers. If you have a question about Lego, Ally has an answer. As an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego), Ally not only does product testing with her sets at home, but she also builds some creations of her own. It’s a tough job, playing with toys all day, but someone’s got to do it!

We are not hiring at this time.
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