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Clock Collection

Our awesome owner, Ally, is working on collecting all of the LEGO Alarm Clocks. She wants to break the world record! So far she has collected 62 clocks! They are displayed from our shop ceiling.

If you want to help Ally break the record for LEGO clocks, here are the ones she has left to collect. If you want to donate to the Clock Collection Fund, send money (or a clock, if you have one) to the store at 802 Bay St., Port Orchard, WA 98366.

These are the clocks needed to complete the collection:

SW Luke Skywalker Figure Alarm Clock



Figure Alarm Clock


Toy Story Alien

Figure Alarm Clock


Cool Creations

We love to see the creations of our awesome communities! If you want to share pictures of one of your cool creations with us, send them to our Facebook, Instagram, or If you want to give us one of your cool creations, send it to the store at 802 Bay St, Port Orchard, WA 98366.

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